What exactly are you? A Web Designer, Graphic Designer, ... what?

I’ve been working for several years exploring new media, business fields and possibilities, so I’m an all round Designer. What is important for me is the concept behind a project and the brand consistency when working on different channels, either print or digital.

So you can also code?

Yes, I can. I usually build the websites with Worpress CMS. I can also hardcode responsive HTML (using Foundation/Bootstrap framework) for minisites, corporate websites, landing pages or email newsletters. But if what you’re looking for is a developer for a website like Ebay or Amazon, probably I’m not the right person.

How much does it cost to work with you?

It depends on what you want. That’s why I always prefer to meet you before making a quote. I understand that sometimes the budget is tight and the same project can be approached in different ways.

Can you work for free?

No. Well, I wish to spread my awesomeness around without asking for money in exchange, but this will have to wait. I do some collaborations/pro bono works to have fun and keep my brain fit, but this is another story.

Where are you based?

I live in South East London and usually work from home, but I like travelling on the top deck of those red things with wheels and numbers you can spot around London, so I don’t mind moving around for meetings and briefs.

I’m not in London, can I work with you?

I don’t see why not :). I’ve worked for European and American clients too: Skype meetings and email exchanges keep the relationship close.

How much time do you need to finish a project?

It depends on the project complexity.

When can you start?

Also this depends. I’m usually working on more projects simultaneously, assuring that all the tasks proceed smoothly during the week. Moreover the workload is not the same in every time of the year, so sometimes I can start the day after, sometimes it takes a few days more.

I’ve never hired a designer. How does it work?

Usually during the first meeting the clients explain me what they need and want to communicate, deadlines, etc. I always ask them to bring some examples of projects that they like (and others that they don’t like) to understand better their vision and expectations. Then we share ideas, discuss the timeline and I go back to my castle to work on it. At some point I’ll send through my design proposal to see if I’m in the right direction. If all is good, I’ll proceed to the completion of the task.

What if I don’t like what you are doing?

I usually work on 2/3 different approach to choose from (depending on the type of project and the budget), and then it’s a matter of fine tuning with you, so this usually never happens. If during our first meeting, I feel that we are incompatible and that we can’t work together, I’ll be the first to walk away :).

I like this website/logo, can you make it exactly the same?

One thing is be inspired of something, another one is copying. Anyway the purpose is to stand out and be different from the others, so there’s no point in it.

Can we just buy this one and then you turn it around in Photoshop?

This one? Er…no.

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